About Us

Our Story

When a dairy farmer from Minnesota stepped off a bus in the bustling streets of Times Square, he crossed paths with an Italian-American girl from New York. Little did they know that this encounter would sow the seeds of Chickarelli Farms. Back then, I believed that all cows sported the classic black and white pattern, while he held the peculiar belief that lasagna could benefit from the addition of cottage cheese. You see, Michael's dad owns and operates a custom meat shop, and my grandparents possessed remarkable culinary skills, excelling in home-cooked meals and delightful baked goods. Despite growing up in different corners of the country, our families shared a common adoration and reverence for food—a deep appreciation for the art of creating wholesome and delicious meals from the heart.

Joined by our daughters, we have found solace on a small plot of land in Pennsylvania, blending together the rich tapestries of our upbringing. Our eldest daughter possesses an insatiable love for meat, happily indulging in bacon-infused ice cream. Our youngest, at 12, is a head scratcher. She would rather pluck fresh peppers from the garden than snack on cookies. She even received a brussel sprout ornament for Christmas, a testament to her uncontainable excitement for these miniature cabbages. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom imparted by our families, our memorable travels, and the simple joys that ignite our souls, we have created our family foods for you. Throughout this journey, we have discovered that as long as the food is truly delicious, rules hold little sway (although I firmly stand against the notion of cottage cheese infiltrating lasagna!).

Now, let me introduce you to our BBQ Sauce, a cherished heirloom from Michael's family that I dared not alter. We offered small containers of it as wedding favors, and the leftovers were inadvertently left behind. Surprisingly, the catering hall contacted us, eager to learn its origin, and soon they began ordering it themselves. Drawing upon this divine inspiration, I devoted time to developing two additional flavors: Peach Apple and Orange Honey Habanero. Together, these three variants present a comprehensive selection of BBQ Sauce options—smoky, sweet, and spicy.

Our spice blends are indispensable allies in the kitchen, effortlessly elevating any dish. The Everything Mix is akin to the timeless little black dress of your pantry, capable of extraordinary versatility. It possesses the power to enhance the flavors of a perfectly cooked steak, infusing it with an extra touch of allure. A sprinkle over a tray of roasted vegetables adds a delightful zing. And for those occasions when time eludes us, leaving no room for the creation of a traditional Sunday gravy, fear not! Simply warm up a can of crushed tomatoes and a bit of tomato paste, sprinkle in a pinch of salt and a generous amount of The Everything Mix, toss it with freshly cooked pasta, and crown it with a sprinkle of parm. A dish fit for a feast, though I must ask you to keep this little secret between us—my dear grandmother might not approve!

Fruit preserves, particularly fruit butters and our homemade fruit jams, occupy a special place on my list of culinary marvels. Their versatility extends far beyond mere toast accompaniments. They lend their delightful essence to an array of kitchen creations, allowing you to savor the taste of freshly picked fruit regardless of the season.

Regardless of your culinary preferences, remember to approach your cooking endeavors with a joyous heart and nimble hands, for happiness is the secret ingredient that guarantees success. Our family foods are here to guide you along this delightful journey!