Our Story

Chickarelli Farms was born from our family's heritage of hard work, homemaking, and of course, a love for good food! This journey started with our homemade BBQ Sauce (the recipe goes back generations!) and today includes a wide range of jams, fruit butters, rubs, and seasoning mixes. Good food and welcoming flavors make us happy, and we want to share that happiness with you and your family.

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Meet Our Family!

Delightful Jams

Made the old-fashioned way, but with our own twist. You'll love these flavor combinations!

Delectable Fruit Butters

These products don't contain any butter — it's the natural sugars of the fruit that give these butters their amazing texture!

Enhance the flavor of your meats with our


The perfect BBQ starts with the perfect rubs. We carefully selected our seasoning blends to impart the most flavor to your favorite meats while locking in their succulent juices. Your campaign for grill master starts here!

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Delight Your Tastebuds With our


Turn any meal into a special occasion with our incredible seasoning mixes. The combination of flavors will bring a smile to your family's faces — plus, these mixes make meal prep a breeze!

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