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Milford BEAR Jam - 19oz.

Milford BEAR Jam - 19oz.

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If you stroll along Broad St. in Milford, NEPA, catching a glimpse of a black bear is not unheard of.

Inspired by this wild encounter, we bring you our Milford BEAR Jam. Crafted with a delightful blend of blackberries, elderberries, apples, and raspberries, it's the perfect remedy to satisfy any rumblings in your tummy. The BEAR in the name stands for the key ingredients that make this jam a true delight. Picture the sweet juiciness of blackberries, the rich depth of elderberries, the crispness of apples, and the vibrant tang of raspberries all coming together in one jar. Spread it generously on your toast or dollop it on your morning yogurt for a burst of irresistible fruity goodness. Embrace the spirit of Milford with our BEAR Jam and let your taste buds roam free.

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