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Apple Butter; No Sugar Added - 17oz.

Apple Butter; No Sugar Added - 17oz.

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Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure with our delightful Apple Butter - No Sugar Added! This velvety creation is slow-cooked to perfection, bringing out the natural sugars of the juicy apples. Despite its name, it doesn't contain any actual butter. The name simply reflects its smooth and spreadable texture, reminiscent of buttery goodness. Enjoy its delicious flavor by spreading it on warm biscuits, muffins, or toast. 

If you're looking for other ways to use this amazing butter, you can take your enjoyment to the next level by trying it:

  • swirled into oatmeal
  • blended with yogurt and milk in a smoothie
  • as a filling for a thumbprint or Linzer cookie
  • inside a fancy grilled cheese
  • as a finish to a pan sauce
  • on meat to create a flavorful glaze for your rubs to have something to hold on to

With our Apple Butter - No Sugar Added, the possibilities are endless for a relaxed and flavor-packed experience — without any added sugars!

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