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Rum Apple Butter - 19oz.

Rum Apple Butter - 19oz.

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Start your flavor journey with our Rum Apple Butter!
This velvety creation is crafted through slow cooking, allowing the rich flavors of apples and a hint of rum to shine. Despite its name, this delectable spread doesn't actually contain any butter. Its smooth and creamy texture resembles butter, offering a calming sensation with every bite. Enhance your mornings or afternoon treats by spreading this goodness on warm biscuits, muffins, or toast, this soothing spread will infuse your favorite treats with a tranquil and comforting touch.
You can also try it: 
  • swirled into oatmeal
  • blended with yogurt and milk in a smoothie
  • as a filling for a thumbprint or Linzer cookie
  • inside a fancy grilled cheese
  • as a finish to a pan sauce
  • on meat alone to create a flavorful glaze or for your rubs to have something to hold on to

With our Rum Apple Butter, the possibilities are endless for a relaxed and flavor-packed experience!

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