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Sasquatch's TOE Jam - 19oz.

Sasquatch's TOE Jam - 19oz.

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Get ready to experience a jam that leaves a big impression with Sasquatch's TOE Jam!

Inspired by the legendary Sasquatch and our daughter's latest admiration for him, this jam embodies the spirit of making a big impression. Just like Sasquatch himself, our TOE Jam leaves a lasting mark with its delightful blend of Tangerine, Orange, and Elderberry (TOE). It's a vibrant combination that captures the essence of boldness and creativity. Spread this tantalizing jam on your favorite breakfast treats or pair it with artisanal cheeses for a truly memorable taste sensation. With Sasquatch's TOE Jam, you can embrace the spirit of adventure and savor every moment of its captivating flavors. Let the legend of Sasquatch and the enchanting TOE Jam take you on a flavor-filled journey!

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