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Chickarelli Farms

Brisket Rub - 5.5oz.

Brisket Rub - 5.5oz.

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Introducing our exceptional Brisket Rub, the secret weapon that will elevate your BBQ game to the next level!

We believe in the power of well-raised beef, and when combined with our carefully crafted blend of spices, it's a match made in BBQ heaven. Whether you prefer the low and slow approach or the high and fast method, our Brisket Rub is designed to enhance the artwork of your brisket, turning it into a masterpiece. With each sprinkle, the flavors will harmonize and dance, creating a tantalizing crust that locks in juiciness and brings out the perfect balance of smokiness and spice. Unleash your inner pit master and let our Brisket Rub be your secret ingredient for BBQ perfection. 

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